Online PI Proposal Form

In order to expedite the renewal process for our brokers in respect of both existing policies and new business, we have introduced a universal online proposal form for all major professions. Rather than have to adhere to the traditional practice of having your client complete a new proposal form each year, we can register you for the online proposal link and you can in turn register any number of staff as well.

When you access the link you can send the online proposal link to your client with a covering email, branded with your logo, for completion. Once completed, your client hits SUBMIT and the proposal comes to us, with a copy to you and we proceed with the quotation process.
The major benefit of the system is on the next renewal when your client will only have to review a populated proposal and make any adjustments to fees and work breakdown. It will be a matter of a few minutes – so much simpler.
If you would like to register for use of the Online System, please call or email us and we will register you and send you the link and password. Save it as a Favourite on your desktop.
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