Experience & Expertise

Your Advocate
in a specialist and complex market

  • Our established relationships & expertise deliver positive outcomes for your clients
  • We specialise in Financial Lines products so you do not have to
  • Our in-house claims service provides advice & support through an often lengthy process

Financial lines business, especially certain market segments, is often complex and difficult. With over 20 years specialist experience in the industry, our SME and Corporate teams have broad and deep knowledge across multiple business sectors as well as insurance markets.

Our relationships have been developed in a fit-for-purpose way, evolving through trust and mutual respect, we know who to go to and how to approach them in order for your clients insurance needs to be met.

Mitigate your risks

Getting the right cover for your clients can be difficult in what is a intricate segment of the market. Working with our team ensures that your clients receive the best experience and the best result. With support from the outset, you can ensure your risk analysis is sector specific, your industry insights are relevant and your submission gets the best representation in both local and international markets.

Our relationships give us more ways to assist you

With well established facilities and relationships across both local and international markets, including Lloyd’s, we have more ways than most to assist your client. Our insurer relationships have been nurtured over more than 20 years and are tailored to meet the needs of both our SME clients and our ever increasing book of corporate clients. When we take your client’s risk to market, we are taking it to the right person, every time. With long-term trust and rapidly increasing volume, we are positioned to ensure you can deliver the best possible outcome.

We specialise, so you don’t have to

With continuing regulatory changes across business industries, alongside complex product development and claims requirements, financial lines and PI can be an insurance minefield. Our teams have been built to ensure you and your client’s have the peace of mind you need, from risk analysis, submission presentation and placement servicing and on to claims support. Our approach is to advocate for you, both client-side and in-market; ensuring you’re in position to provide the service and understanding your clients deserve.

“I wanted to make a point of thanking you for ongoing assistance in all things PI. This particular account is a good example of typically how you add value. I wanted to share this as the service you provide definitely makes a difference. Your service delivery greatly enhances my service delivery.”